Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Raju Sharma IAS UP Cadre (1982 Batch), Presently on Central Deputation, Declares His Assets

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  1. this bright attempt ,I expect ,will follow other high officers to place thier assets in public reading........congrs sir......iam also happy knowing that u r a wealthy brave officer....thanq.......

  2. We salute you. Officers like you are going to take India to the top in this century. May God bless you and your family.

    Mr. Manmohan Singh should be an inspiration for other officers. Being honest and capable has made him the best Prime Minister of India. He has done what no politician could do in all these years from independence.

  3. Grand Salute to you for the BOLD Step. I admired you because of your staright forward attitude in each of our meeting during your tenure at National Authority-Chemical Weapons Conventions.
    I would also like to reiterate that citizens of Farrukhabad (My Native town) still remember you as one of the toughest 'District Magistrate' city ever had ! Officers like you can only bring dynamic change in fighting Corruption in India. God bless you & all in the family.